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Just Cause 2 Free Download Highly Compressed PC Game 1.33 GB

Just CauseII is a 2010 open world action-adventure computer game developed by Avalanche Studios, revealed by attribute Interactive and distributed by sq. Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation three and Xbox 360. The sequel to 2006's simply Cause, it absolutely was high-powered by Avalanche Studios' Avalanche Engine. this game was free in twenty-three March 2010 when free this game got terribly celebrated and really sensible rating, This game rating is 9/10 On Steam and eight.8/10 On IGN.
It options law Rodriguez, a significant operative of the fictional Agency World Health Organization arrives at Panau (a fictional dystopian island nation in Maritime Southeast Asia) to overthrow dictator Pandak "Baby" Panay and confront former mentor Tom Sheldon. The gameplay involves law fighting hostile militants with guns and a grapnel, sanctionative players to tether objects to every different and catapult into the air with a parachute. simply Cause a pair of introduces the Chaos System, within which players should complete missions and destroy government property on Panau for Chaos points. These points area unit essential for story progression. Here 7mbgame give you free full version of the sport in underneath 1.3 GB


Just Cause two may be a third-person action-adventure game during which players management RICO Act Rodriguez, a significant operative of the Agency, in a shot to overthrow the island shogunate of Panau: AN open world for players to explore. the sport has 3 styles of missions. Agency missions advance the story and area unit the game's main campaign; faction missions task players to help the game's 3 factions and fastness missions task players to infiltrate government bases and liberate them for the factions. To advance through the campaign missions a player should earn chaos points, a progression system introduced within the game. Players earn chaos points for finishing missions and destroying selected government property. because the variety of chaos points will increase, the factions gain influence and also the government begins to collapse. additionally to typical missions, simply Cause two has race challenges that provide players money.

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Four years once simply Cause, law Rodriguez is born into Panau to search out his former handler Tom Sheldon, WHO is suspected of going varlet and orienting himself with the country's dictator Pandak "Baby" Panay. With the help of intelligence plus Karl Blaine and a weapons dealer solely called the Sloth Demon, law allies with the island's 3 dominant criminal gangs and factions: the Roaches (an gangland syndicate), the Reapers (an insurgent socialist militia) and also the Ular Boys, AN ultranationalist rebel cluster that espouses traditionalism and opposes foreign influence.

Rico gathers enough info to trace down Sheldon, WHO reveals that he has been the Sloth Demon whereas he was work a bigger conspiracy behind Panay's rise to power. law determines that Sheldon has not gone varlet, and Sheldon tells him to continue inflicting chaos on Panau whereas he explains the case to the Agency.

Sheldon then tells law to hurry to his hiding place, wherever law learns that intelligence plus Jade Tan has been captured in Panay's military base and can be tortured and—possibly-summarily dead. though law rescues her and destroys the bottom, Jade is bundled into a truck and a fleet of gunmen try and escape on a frozen lake. A nautilus emerges from the ice, however law hijacks the truck and that they ar airlifted to safety by Kane (Sheldon and Rico's mission handler). Jade later explains that the Roaches, Reapers, and Ular Boys ar on the Q.T. backed by Russia, China, and Japan, severally, to bring down Baby Panay, however law and Sheldon marvel what the little island has that is therefore enticing to superpowers. They hunt down and assassinate the foreign intelligence officers liaising with the factions.

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Rating & Release:

9.1/10 Game Informer
8.0/10 GameSpot
8.8/10 IGN

Minimum System Requirement

- OS: Windows 7/8.10/98/XP
- Ram: 2 GB Memory
- Processor: Dual Core CPU (Athlon 64 X2 4200/Pentium D @ 2.4Ghz)
- Hard Disk : 10 GB Free Hard Drive
- Video Card: 256 MB GEFORCE 8800
- DirectX 10 Mouse and Keyboard for playing


How To Install:

The first thing you have WinRAR or 7zip for extract this game on your computer when you will try to extract this game then it will ask for your password just enter 7mbgames.blogspot.com and extract anywhere you want and play.

Game size: 1.3 GB
File Type:  .RAR

Compressed Archive Game Password: 7mbgames.blogspot.com


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